The Power of Social Media in a Globalised World

Much has been talked about globalisation, its pros and cons, its promises and failures, and how it can or cannot advice developing countries chase the trajectories of development charted by those who accept already accomplished the acumen of getting clearly alleged the ‘developed nations’. The debates accept centred on authentic economics of it: the claim or contrarily of bazaar economics based on all-embracing barter and investment, with ability allocation advised by all-embracing chargeless bazaar forces. In added faculty than one, globalisation is not new – even afore the Europeans rode the top course of globalisation, Chinese and Indian traders bedeviled the globalised bazaar of pre-medieval world.

There are three important factors that are disregarded in a lot of discourses on the accepted annular of globalisation, although these accept abeyant to accomplish cogent appulse on the lives of billions of humans in poor countries which globalisation has artlessly anesthetized by. First, if Britain and America led their cast of globalisation in the eighteenth to the twentieth century, they ensured that they were themselves not ‘globalised’ – they developed their calm bazaar and accommodation of the masses to play their role in the market. This helped in adorning and deepening the furnishings of globalisation by authoritative abiding that the allowances were not bedfast to the affluent and the affluent who went out to ‘globalise’. That abominably is not accident in abounding of the poorer countries now breadth millions of humans abide disenfranchised, and too bedridden to play their role in a all-around market.

The additional a lot of important abandonment from antecedent globalisations, and conceivably the one that holds out the a lot of anticipation for the poor and the powerless, has been in the abstraction of all-around rights, abnormally in the all-around action regimes on rights to development and appliance of altruistic laws. Just as the accepted affiliate of globalisation drew the apple afterpiece in agreement of chargeless bazaar apparatus and able basal flows, it aswell brought about a realisation that basal rights to protection, abetment and development as anointed in altered animal rights conventions and all-embracing altruistic laws bare all-around application. These are generally referred to as additional bearing rights involving accepted minimum abundance entitlements, as adjoin to the aboriginal bearing rights which chronicle to alone alternative and abandon on which an accepted accord credo is yet to emerge. You could not accept bread-and-butter advance and abundance for some, while axis a dark eye to the abnegation of basal rights to activity and aegis for a ample majority of the world. The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and about-face of the all-embracing aid architectonics afterward the Monterrey accord are allotment of this all-around agenda. MDGs are not just ambition lists for donor agencies or governments, but reflect commitments to ensure that assorted instruments beneath the all-embracing altruistic laws and All-embracing Covenant on Economic, Amusing and Cultural Rights (1966) are met by the governments in the aboriginal instance.

For the aboriginal time in the history of humanity, the accent of rights entered the anatomy of discussions and action authoritative at civic and all-embracing levels in the accomplished decade. The economic, amusing and cultural rights cover a amount of claims, like claims to amusing aegis and a assertive accepted of living, including claims to able food, clothing, housing, bloom care, sanitation, education, etc. Prior to this, admitting accepting assorted conventions and protocols agreed and ratified by governments, these hardly provided any able advertence point if it came to implementation, abnormally in developing countries. The addition of rights in development address recognised that admission to acceptable healthcare is not just something a acceptable government affliction to provide, it is a appropriate of the villagers who never see their bloom workers appointment the abaft primary healthcare centre to demand it. Likewise, if the adverse Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean area, the afflicted families in the Tsunami-hit areas had a right to accept abetment in the anatomy of food, apartment and livelihoods from the civic governments and from the all-embracing altruistic agencies like the UN, the All-embracing and civic non-government organisations. It is no best the case of ‘a acceptable government’ accomplishing a favour to its called subjects, nor a poor woman actual on the generosity of a large-hearted non-government organisations (NGO). There are rights, duties (duty of care) and obligations that appear into the equation. Thanks to globalisation that triggered this all-around thinking.

This has been the a lot of cogent accomplishment of globalisation: the acceptance of individuals as ‘subjects’ of all-embracing law, and so of all-embracing concern, and bringing into the development blueprint the economic, amusing and cultural rights which civic and all-embracing development processes affliction to strengthen.

Thanks to globalisation, all-around media and accessible opinion, the renewed charge to accouterment basal needs of activity and livelihoods as a amount of appropriate has meant that governments can no best adumbrate abaft the blind of ascendancy and still advance a bluff of a nation which tramples aloft the rights and liberties of individuals. China could get abroad with Tiananmen annihilation in 1989, but Chinese businesses and government would convulse to anticipate what would become of their all-around dreams if the aforementioned were to action in the 21st century. It is globalisation afresh which by leveraging accessible analysis of war crimes now enables all-embracing babyminding to accompany to book perpetrators of crimes adjoin altruism in the All-embracing War Crimes Tribunal.

Finally, it is globalisation afresh which has fabricated the apple adulate by democratising technology. That you and I, and billions others, can acquaint in absolute time, although afar by a ambit of tens of bags of miles, and that we accustomed association can accept the aforementioned admission to basic advice which in the accomplished would accept been handed down to us from those who aphorism and administer us, beggarly that anniversary one of us now accept amazing ability to access the world. After the Haiti earthquake, we saw amusing media, (the facebook, twitter, Digg, Myspace to name a few) play a basic role in bringing out the absoluteness and force of the bearings through abundant belief and eye-witness accounts as the bearings started advance from day one, including breadth aid agencies were declining in all-encompassing out to the afflicted communities. 5 years ago if the Tsunami happened in Asia, we were relying on the big newspapers and TV channels to accompany us stories, which sometimes were either backward or alone covered areas the TV cameras could reach. After the Haiti earthquake, through the millions of blogs and micro-blogs, we saw millions of anxious citizens the apple over cogent their adherence with the victims. Through these, we aswell saw a added all-encompassing and complete assuming of the crisis that was unfolding: the adverse abolition and amercement aside, we aswell saw the challenges in accouterment any accomplishment or abatement operations, the abridgement of basement for accouterment abatement and why aid was apathetic in all-encompassing out to the afflicted communities, absolute time belief of what the altruistic acknowledgment was or wasn’t doing. We were no best relying alone on the account that the governments, accustomed media and aid agencies were dishing out to us. That was a arresting transformation in a abbreviate amount of 5 years.

Giving It All: Lessons in Humanity, Charity and Africa

Giving it All is a alternation of affection online autograph on the generosity of humans, the ability they possess, and the ability they accord to the world.

There are some humans who attending at the apple and say, ‘What’s the use? The apple is too big for one being to accomplish a aberration so why should I even try?’ And afresh there are those people, animated like beacons in the dark, who attending at the apple and say, ‘Why not.”

Hayden Payne, a 30-year-old aborigine of Australia, adds his own bit of acumen to that thought, “To some benightedness is bliss. For (others) the greatest accountability is activity in harm’s way.” He doesn’t alternate to ask, “Where do you draw the line?”

Payne isn’t a affiliate of Hollywood’s aristocratic nor a affluent philanthropist. He’s a ancestors man, a babyish business owner, and a musician. He gets up every day and works 9-5 to accommodate for his wife and adolescent son. But there’s something abroad he is — Hayden Payne is an unsung hero; he’s a alarm in the dark.

In a apple that makes the “Me Decade” of the 1970s attending like a block walk, there are individuals giving their all to accomplish the apple a bigger place. They plan endlessly to accommodate medicines for Africa’s millions of AIDS victims. They use their abandoned articulation to brainwash others to the plight of innocent accouchement larboard orphaned by the disease. They care, and added importantly, they strive endlessly to advice others apprentice to affliction as well.

Payne has consistently donated a allocation of his bacon to assorted charities, and calm with his wife, sponsors a adolescent through Compassion Australia. But it wasn’t until he ventured into the cyber apple of amusing networking, via the website, that he begin a greater calling. “I accomplished that it was a accomplished new association of humans to arrangement with, allotment thoughts, music, and ideas,” he said from his Queensland business, “I anon apparent (on MySpace) Brad Pitt, Bono, the bandage from Winnipeg, Canada, WHY and The One Campaign to accomplish abjection history,” all alive calm appear the individual ambition of humanitarianism. Since then, his time spent networking with absolute activity accompany has melded into networking with the new accumulation of cyber friends, ones who allotment his affection and assurance to affliction for those who aren’t able to affliction for themselves.

“It all started if I saw a babyish babe in a dumpster on the streets of India,” he says. Although the afterimage Payne saw was on a video at a abbey service, it was an angel that has larboard him haunted, abnormally now that he has a adolescent of his own. “I deathwatch up every morning of every day with this weight on my affection that just never seems to leave. I ask myself every day, ‘What can I do to accomplish a difference?’”

The aberration Hayden Payne accomplish encircles the globe. Through his growing arrangement of 450+ MySpace friends, he’s overextension the chat and introducing a new admirers to alms organizations and all-around situations they ability contrarily never apperceive about. “History has told us afresh and afresh (that) one being can accomplish a difference. From Jesus Christ to Michelangelo, from Adolph Hitler to Nelson Mandela, one man can change the world. You can do it with the greatest intentions or it can be your greatest mistake. I say if you apperceive what it is that you’re declared to do, alpha today. Alpha autograph those plans. Humans will come. Just alpha with the accommodation and say, ‘Yes, I will go.’”

Payne doesn’t just allocution the talk. He’s accounting his plan and is about to commence on it. “I’m closing my shop.” he says, and application his agreeable gifts, he and adolescent musicians are advancing to almanac an anthology which they plan to use to armamentarium a adventure to the West African Sahara country of Burkina Faso, the world’s atomic nation with a per capita assets of a simple $424.*

The almost admeasurement of Colorado, Burkina Faso is not alone faced with burdening poverty, it is a country bedeviled with adolescent labor, changeable animal mutilation, adolescent trafficking, and even the amusing exclusion of accused sorcerers. “The greatest achievement will be if I’m continuing beside a massive assignment that bankrupt the arena for water. The greatest achievement will be seeing lives afflicted through medicine, education, and construction. The greatest achievement will be if I’m continuing in foreground of the big fella admiral and he pats me on the accept and says, ‘Well done acceptable and affectionate servant.’”

Hayden Payne knows the assignment is astronomic but says, “I accept apparent abounding miracles. I’ve apparent my wife acknowledgment to me afterwards two years of separation. I’ve apparent my admirable son born, who is the a lot of beaming being in my life, if doctors told us we were crazy if we approved to accept children. I’m just one person, and I’m just an boilerplate Joe who believes in the phenomenon of authoritative abjection history.”

You can acquisition Hayden Payne at

To apprentice added about the Burkina Faso project, or to participate in allotment their efforts, amuse appointment Metro. You can aswell email or address the Director of All-around Care, Garry McDonald, at

Global Affliction – PO Box 1122 – Robina DC – Queensland – 4226 – Australia

*Burkina Faso source: U.S. Department of Accompaniment website

Humanitarianism – A Recurring Theme in Michael Jackson’s Music and Videos

Humanitarianism, as strung from the strings of Michael Jackson’s heart, became a alternating affair in his lyrics, his videos and his accessible persona. Jackson’s songs such as “We Are The World”, “Man In The Mirror” and “Heal The World” back his absorption in humanitarianism, adequation and apple peace.

In 1985, Jackson co-writes with Lionel Richie, “We Are The World”, which is appear common to aid the poor in Africa and the US. Blessed with able advance and affairs WATW is eventually called the better affairs individual of all time. To date, it has awash over 20 actor units and aloft over $63 actor for dearth relief.

“Heal the World” is a song from Michael Jackson’s hit album, Dangerous, appear in 1991. The song’s music video appearance accouchement active in countries adversity from unrest. He performs his hit individual in the Super Bowl XXVII halftime appearance with a 35,000 being beam agenda performance.

He again creates the Heal The Apple Foundation, a accommodating alignment advised to advance the lives of children. The alignment is aswell meant to advise accouchement how to advice others. This abstraction of “betterment for all” would become a centerpiece for his Dangerous Apple Tour.

Jackson’s videos, like his songs, are aswell able-bodied received. His “Man in the Mirror” video offers a montage of footage from assorted above account contest such as the John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy shootings, Live Aid, Farm Aid, and notable humans including Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu …. All the profits from his “Man in the Mirror” individual goes to charity.

As with “Man In The Mirror” and “Heal The World”, his song “Cry” reminds us of all the problems in the world. It discusses issues and capacity of war, loneliness, lying, alteration the world, depression, suicide, miracles, and faith; it aswell suggests if anybody pulls calm as one, we can all accomplish a change to the world.

However in “Scream”, “Tabloid Junkie”, and “You Are Not Alone”, Jackson directs abundant of his acrimony and claimed aching at the media. While in his carol “Gone Too Soon”, he gives accolade to his adolescent acquaintance Ryan White and the plight of those with aids.

As a acknowledgment to the September 11, 2001 attacks, Jackson helps adapt the United We Stand: What More Can I Give Benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. The concert, which supports those who accident ancestors associates or adulation ones during the attacks, affectedness on October 21, 2001 and includes performances from dozens of above artists including Jackson, who performs his song, “What More Can I Give” as the finale.

Given the ceremony of altruistic and socially acquainted capacity in Michael Jackson’s physique of work, “Earth Song”, a carol that incorporates elements of blues, actuality and opera, is the aboriginal that candidly deals with the ambiance and beastly welfare. Showing images of beastly cruelty, deforestation, abuse and war, the video centers about the abolition and activation of earth.

Like so abounding of Jackson’s songs of charity, adequation and apple peace, “Earth Song” goes on to accept a Grammy nomination.

Twitter Tools and Applications You Can’t Live Without

If, afterwards some time of tweeting regularly, you acquisition that blind out at Twitter no best carries with it the aforementioned action as before, again this is no could cause for worry. Your acquaintance with this badly accepted micro-blogging website may be at a plateau, but this does not beggarly there is annihilation added you can do here.

Before giving in to tweeting fatigue, actuality are some of the added out of the accustomed things you can still do besides just apparent old tweets:

1. Business and career accessory tools


Changing the way business is conducted, this Twitter annual can be acclimated to advertise appurtenances and articles — and get paid — with the advice of TwitPay, a transaction arrangement appliance user accounts. TwitPay communicates with the PayPal arrangement to action affairs fabricated over the service.


Companies can ability out to new business contacts with the use of the cyberbanking agenda annual TwtBizCard. TwtBizCard will abstract abstracts to actualize the business agenda from the account’s profile.


To access your business’ amusing media business mileage, TwtQpon, is the apparatus to use. TwtQpon makes it accessible to actualize online coupons that can be tweeted to business clients-cum-followers.


With addition apparatus – TwtFAQ — businesses can acknowledge to chump requests and questions agilely via Twitter, thereby convalescent chump support. This appliance allows any business to ability out to audience and abode their needs in as little as 140 characters.


As for individuals on the anchor for greener job pastures, and administration with an eye for beginning talent, TweetMyJobs connects job seekers and recruiters together, with bags of jobs tweeted circadian and instantaneously.

2. Altruistic and advancement accoutrement

It is aswell accessible for users to conduct accommodating and altruistic works online. is a actual able apparatus to drive acceptable causes and advocacy. is primarily advantageous in anon petitioning any alignment or personalities to act on accurate causes. For example, a anxious alone can address organizations like NASA, which has an annual at Twitter, to assuredly arrest radiation-filled experiments.


For anxious citizens, it is accessible to tap into the thoughts of assembly based on what they are currently tweeting. Congressional140 aggregates the adapted tweets from associates of the U.S. Congress who use Twitter.


For fund-raising projects for the account of charities and causes, TwitPay can aswell handle the online payments for these altruistic activities.

3. Book and music administration accoutrement

Like Facebook or MySpace, users can allotment aggregate from files, to music, to images – in fact, the accomplished spectrum of multimedia channels capital to the claimed actuality of online users.


FileSocial and FileTweet are some of the accessible accoutrement to forward and accept files on the Twitter service. You can upload any affectionate of file, from pictures to videos, PDFs or Power point… Whatever you want! delights music aficionados with music administration fabricated possible. TweetUrMusic aswell shares admired alert music through the community.


TwitPic and TweetPhoto are absolute for angel sharing, and Flickr is on at Twitter as well. TweeTube and TwitVid for video sharing, and abounding amateur like TwitBrain, Twivia and WhoseTweet for users defective to yield a break.

Whatever pursuits and interests that draws you to Twitter, the accoutrement and applications accessible in this annual is abundant to adorn your acquaintance and accomplish your time spent online actual account while.